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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  March 21, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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good morning everyone. taking a live look outside, this is a shot of san francisco on this thursday morning. it is march 21. good to see no raindrops on the camera lens. it will be a dry day today and we are happy about that. >> a little bit of a break. >> we like that. >> kenny choi, it is about 4:30 am. getting a break in the rain and also as i was coming and you could get a shot of the super moon. >> all right! nice to have some clear skies as we start off the day. we will see some sunshine later on. a break from the rain and it will be up brief break but a break. here's a live look at the south bay san jose camera with partly cloudy skies. temperatures are running cooler compared to yesterday. you can feel that difference. oakland and san francisco at 50, 42 in livermore, 46 in san jose. and a cold, 39 in santa rosa. bundle up as you head out the door. mostly clear ternth mix
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of sun anouds. enjoy it. the rain concerns tomorrow and looking at a dry weekend. we will time and outgoing hour by hour and what you expect when the rain comes back on friday. this check in with a look at the traffic on this thursday morning. good morning. if you are q meeting heading south you will find an accident at grant line. it was blocking the left lane but i checked with chp and they moved it to the right shoulder. the delay is concentrated to that area of 205 and 580 connector. overall drivetimes and not bad. 28 from this portion toward the dublin interchange. it looks like it eases nicely once you get past the crash. trouble on the eastbound side as well and i will check to see if there is any caltrans or roadwork happening. looking at the traffic along the east shore freeway westbound cruising along with no trouble. 14 minutes from highway 4 to the macarthur maze at the bay
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bridge. eastbound they're working on an accident at the skyway. the right lane is blocked beca the embankment. crew crews are clearing that. it is also the counter commute direction so not much of a problem this morning. not much of a problem at the bay bridge. off to a nice start this morning. no delays for the fast track users. typical to see a few cars stacked up in the cash lanes but easy out of the east bay into san francisco with no delays on the upper deck. most bridges very quiet this morning. here's the san mateo bridge looking good between hayward and foster city on the westbound side. on the south bay next. i'm inn of it at the live news desk. endeared tart, praxis there is a shelter in place order. this is where there was a three- day chemical fire and originally authority said there was no threat to health in the area. but now they are saying they are detecting high levels of benzene in the air.
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they are telling the entire city right now to shelter in place. stay indoors, keep their windows closed. they close the major highway in the area. 225, here is a few pictures of the fire that began sunday and burned three yesterday. chemicals used to make nail polish remover, paint and glue. very hazardous chemicals there. and of course this is deer park, texas near houston. back to you. new zealand prime minister banning all assault was weapons effective immediately in response to the massacre of 50 people at mosques in christchurch. laura podesta has the latest. >> reporter: less than one week after the new zealand massacre that horrified the world, the nation's prime minister
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announced immediate and sweeping gun law reform. >> the nation witnessed a terrorist attack that demonstrated the weakness of new zealand's gun laws. every semiautomatic weapon used in the terrorist attack on friday will be banned. >> reporter: the prime minister said in the news conference that legislation is being drafted urgently. friday, shootings at two mosques left 50 worshipers dad. >> the time for easy availability of this must and. >> reporter: buyback weapons and gun sellers will be expected to return products to suppliers. >> we will ban all high- capacity magazines. we will ban all with the ability to convert semiautomatic or other types of semiautomatic weapon. >> reporter: the suspect bought his wagons legally with a standard license and advanced firepower with a simple online
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purchase. >> it had the power to shoot continuously with large capacity magazines. >> reporter: the law should be in place by april 11. but an interim band starts today to prevent stockpiling. laura podesta cbs news. certain exemptions to the weapons ban would be made for farmers to pull their herds but the exemptions would be tightly regulated. one of the world's biggest aircraft magazines manufacturers is under scrutiny. the boeing company has been subpoenaed after two planes crashed in similar fashion within the past five months. more from reporter john g predce >> this is no small potato. the justice department is investigating the certification and marketing for the 737 max 9s.
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two have crashed since october. the most recent was the ethiopian airlines flight 302 this month. >> we are united with our customers, international regulators and governor authorities to support the most recent investigation. understand the facts of what happened and to help prevent future tragedies. >> reporter: sources briefed on the matter say the doj criminal investigation started after the october crash of a lion air light in indonesia. >> the fact is the taken by boeing was not enough to avoid a second incident. >> reporter: insufficient training was likely a factor. >> it must've been just horrifying in the cockpit for these professionals. to say it should have been a memory, clearly it wasn't. >> reporter: also, a separate investigation looking into whether acting defense secretary patrick shanahan violated ethics rules by boosting products from boeing.
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>> if that is true he needs to be fired and we need to find out why this happen. >> reporter: i'm john lawrence reporting. >> a senate hearing is planned next week and will specifically reference the grounding of all boeing 737 max aircraft. is gearing counter for young woman in palo alto while she was studying in her bedroom. a suspect, wearing gloves and holding a flashlight entered the room, turned off the lights, sat down next to her on the bed and started talking to her. it happen sunday morning before 4 am at a home south of the stanford university campus. the victim ran to find her roommate and the suspect left. the suspect did not touch the victim or make any threats. they're looking for him this morning. in oakland police need your help finding a vehicle connected to armed robberies.
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police released the surveillance photos of the car. they say the robberies took place across the city but did not release any other details. the suspected car is a 2010 to 14 honda insight hybrid. it has paper plates on the back. governor gavin newsom says he wants to clean up all contaminated water in california. as many as 1 million californians have unclean tapwater. many drink bottled water and use it for cooking because some systems are so contaminated. but the governor says it is time to charge california water customers to clean up the tainted water. >> some poor communities like those i recently visited in a stanislaw county are paying more for undrinkable water. and beverly hills pays for pristine water. t a l ce a it i emergency. >> the governor wants to impose fees on water customers and animal and dairy farms to pay for improvements. time is running out for
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homeless encampment known as hope village. the facility south of minetta international airport provides tents, showers and other services. santa clara county is leasing the property from the city and it will be over at the end of the month. the federal aviation administration said the area is not suitable for residential use because of the proximity to sjc. efforts to relocate hope village to willow glen fail because of opposition from neighbors. >> the city needs to find a solution for them. not in our neighborhood. >> city leaders plan to discuss what happens next and it is set to take place tuy. raigahead, in and for th pickup . have look at the latest report card. let's look outside from the salesforce tower camera. look at that fog as we look at the area.
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welcome back. new this morning, crash test ratings for popular pickup trucks are in in. reporter hilary lane tells us which trucks missed the mark and the experts top safety picks. >> reporter: this is what happens if a toyota tundra clipped a tree or another car. >> big problems, it falls apart. >> reporter: this researcher says out of 11 pickups, tested by the insurance institute for highway safety the tundra showed the worst performance in a passenger-side small crash. that is an accident involving the front right corner of the vehicle. >> we estimate these account for one quarter of serious injuries and deaths that come from frontal crashes altogether. the typical thing is that the front corner of the bumper is pushed into the wheel and the
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wheel gets pushed back into the front of the occupant compartment. >> reporter: automakers have made improvements on the driver side but on the passenger side, more than half the 2019 models got marginal or poor ratings. the trucks with the best passenger-side ratings are the ford f 150, ram 1500 and nissan titan. the only truck to score the top. was honda ridgeline. >> the honda ridgeline is the only pickup truck among those tested that got graded that we recommend being driven at night. >> reporter: they encourage automakers to make design changes the offer better protection to people who use the trucks. hilary lane cbs news new york. an update on the right button sparking panic in a state building. as fast as it was installed it is being removed. the right button on elevators in the california department of tax and fee building is being
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swapped out by the end of the week and will be but replaced with new elevator indicator lights to alert of emergencies. >> it freaked everybody out. i don't see that they could do anything like that in a building that is publicly owned like this. without first warning everybody and going through the union. >> a spokesperson issued an apology and said including the word riot was an error in judgment. on the heels of the college admissions game and scandal the university of southern california has a new president. she is the first female president. her tenure at north carolina may well prepare her for the job at unc. she dealt with an academic scandal there as well. she ordered the removal of the remains of silent sam, a confederate moderate on the campus. and a student say she and her mom were approached by the mastermind of the admissions game and she will tell her story i had on cbs this
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morning. happening today, levi strauss is jumping on the ipo wave and going public. the wall street journal reports the denim company is selling shares at $17 each for evaluation exceeding $6.5 billion. this is the second time levis has gone public. the days are numbered for a beloved mountain view market that has been around for decades. after 45 years the milk pail market is closing doors this gym. the store is located near sprouts, safeway and trader joe's and cannot compete anymore. it was opened back in 1974. >> there is an aspect of relief to be done with it and retire and enjoy life for all it has to offer. without thinking about the daily operations of the market. but on the other hand, i think leaving behind cuer bedifficult. >> meanwhile milk pail customers are saddened by the news and some say it counity.
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if you didn't hit the powerball jackpot last night, don't worry. neither did anyone else. >> the jackpot for saturday will be at least an estimated $625 million. that is a lot of money. that is the fourth biggest payday in and powerball history. the odds of winning, let's just say you are about 25,000 times more likely to hit a hole in one. >> that's it? >> there is a chance. >> you are saying there's a chance. >> or be hit like by lightning twice. i think you could be hit by lightning twice and be better off doing that. >> or get eaten by a shark. >> of all of that i want the money. >> me too. >> no rain today? >> that's right! we hit the jackpot with our weather. a mix of santa claus today. a break from the rain and enjoy
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that because more rain is coming back for tomorrow. i will show you a live look at the salesforce camera and isn't that pretty. we are make looking at temperatures chillier compared to yesterday. concord, looking at 46. 50 for birkland. 42 in livermore and 46 in san jose and cold. santa rosa at 39. visibility, we are looking at areas of fog. especially inland. santa rosa, the north bay down to one mile for the visibility. some areas of dense fog. here's what you can expect, chile times this morning, partly sunny and enjoy that because the rain returns as early as tomorrow. the satellite and radar view, the next storm system that we are tracking in the gulf of alaska will bring the return of rain for tomorrow. let's time that out taking you
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hour by hour. as we go to the day today, a mix of sun and clouds. a slight chance of a shower but mainly dry. here we go with the rain for tomorrow morning. stopping the clock at 7 am and we have another round of rain arriving tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. we're watching that closely for you and not expecting a lot of rain with this weather system. but we will have some wet weather. drive for the weekend, that is a good thing but more wet for next week with a series of systems moving in. the pollen count for today will be higher compared to yesterday. a dip for friday and saturday then it stores right back up for sunday. we are looking at extremely high pollen count levels for the weekend. temperatures running warmer compared to yesterday. many spots, low to mid 60s. here's the seven-day forecast. rain returning tomorrow and sunshine, drier weather for the weekend. then rain chances with unsettled weather for the beginning to middle part of next week.
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let's check with jana for the traffic and super commuters. they are used to these delays as you commute from tracy to the altamont pass. clnd makinit worse. it looks like they just cleared off the screen and that is good news. things will improve hopefully a little bit for the next hour and delays will build again. westbound getting from that 205 580 connector for the altamont pass. no delays headed toward the 580 680 dublin interchange. westbound east chartres freeway, looking good. no delays out of alejo. tip top shape as well continuing to hercules and richmond toward the bay bridge. traffic is quiet but they are working on an accident on the flipside east 80 at cummings skyway. that right lane is blocked as a vehicle has gone down the embankment.
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the drivetimes for 580 at 35 minutes from 205 to 680 and you can see the east shore freeway, i-80 is green. highway 4 off to a great start as well. no delays right now out of the south bay, pretty quiet and quiet as you go out of san francisco. yesterday we had closures because of flooding but not the case this morning. drive roadways and an easy commute on 101 connected toward the central freeway. let's show you the south bay and look at conditions. everything is green, that is good news which means you're up to speed. northbound 101 out of san jose from the peninsula no delays. 280 through downtown san jose is off to a good start as well as highway 17. bill and ted are back for another excellent adventure and lollapalooza announces this year's lineup. >> cris martinez has your eye on entertainment. ♪ this is america >> reporter: grammy winners
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childish gambino and the chain smokers will be at lollapalooza. 170 bands and acts performing on eight stages over four days in august in the windy city's grant park. >> that was the best acting i've ever seen in my whole life. >> reporter: leonardo dicaprio and brad pitt portray an actor and his stunt double in 1960s l.a. in once upon a time in hollywood. quentin tarantino's night movie. margot robbie stars as sharon tate. it hits theaters july 26. >> we are wild stallions. >> reporter: actually they are alex win and cano reads and their alter egos bill and ted reuniting for a new excellent adventure. >> it looks like we will hopefully make a movie this summer. >> bill and ted 3. >> reporter: it first hit movie
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screens in 1989. and the follow-up they are middle aged best friends embarking on a new adventure to save life as we know it. release is set for that summer of 2020. that is your eye on entertainment, cris martinez cbs news los angeles. got your brackets ready? early returns are in for march madness and we will tell you is chris mullins and his team moved on. if you love breakfast and a good deal,
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it is going to be beautiful across the bay area. 62 in mountain view, 64 in santa clara and san jose. 62 in morgan hill with a mix of sun and clouds this afternoon. a break in the rain today and 61 in walnut creek. berkeley will see a high of 66. 61 in alameda and oakland, 62 for novato and daytime highs topping out in the upper 50s to low 60 for clear lake. cars are stacking up at the bay bridge. no metering lights yet but getting busier. you can see a live shot, most of those are in the cash lanes and extending to the 880 overpass. the drivetimes are still okay, 12 minutes from this portion into san francisco. most of the bay area bridges off to a good start. here is a live look at the richmond bridge and don't forget the overnight construction happening. heads up as you commute east or west bound. the san mateo bridge looks
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great, no delays as you work your way coming out of hayward toward foster city. i got my bracket ready, here's dennis with sports. st. marys is the only bay area men's team at the dance. tipping off against villanova today at 4:20. before facing the defending champions of the first round they face the media yesterday and got questions ranging from their win over gonzaga last month to who has the best facial hair on the team. >> john parry has nice facial hair going on. don't sleep on me, i'm coming up. don't worry. >> any other responses by the jordans? >> he's ignorant. the lights on and he's panicking. >> former warrior chris mullen leading st. john's against bobby hurley and the arizona state. second half, the freshman drives into the layout, asu had a 16 point lead. two minutes left, cut the deficit to 7 but for mellow white, a dunk and arizona state
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wins 74-65 and they will play buffalo friday. that is the first pac 12 win in 2 years in the tournament. and rbi base hit and five hitless innings against cleveland. brandon bell is red-hot right now. a solo blast, 3-3 with three runs batted in and and the giants beat the drive 13-0. bring on the regular season. just like the a's have it in japan. that is the latest in sports, see you on the post game show for march madness tonight. president trump is expected to sign an executive order today regarding free speech. why he wanted to make sure that students from berkeley were there.
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now at 5:00, a swift assault rifle ban just days after the christchurch mosque massacre. this morning, new zealand takes action. president trump call to end discrimination against conservatives. how a punch thrown at uc berkeley sparked an executive order. this morning mr. tom slater's criticism of late senator john mccain meets backlash from his own party. good morning it is thursday, march 21. i michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. it is 5:00 right now. look at that background, all the fog is back and he said he missed us. >> is that right. did we miss him? >> i didn't. we are looking at at least week


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